5 Lessons learned from the biggest online retailers

5 Lessons learned from the biggest online retailers

The biggest online retailers already spent millions testing to reduce cart abandonment and  improve their conversion rates.

That’s the reason why you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Try to learn from the best and, of course, add a little bit of your personality with the help of a retargeting software, and you will see the results earlier that you thought.


Today we will present you 5 lessons that made them big:

Lesson 1 –  Reduce the customer risk

Do you know that a big part of your customers don’t buy not because they don’t like your products, but because they don’t trust you? They don’t know you and they are afraid of giving personal and financial information to you. Retargeting is a great way to increase brand awareness and get those people to become familiar with your business.

You can laso make them a promise:

  • 30- day refund policy: this will give your customers the guarantee that if they don’t like your product, they can return it
  • Privacy: ensure them that you won’t share their personal information with third parties.

Or, if you are new on the market, some big companies can guarantee for you. Here is an example from Google:

Google Trusted Store


Lesson 2: Make cart items visible all the time:

It can be frustrating for your customers to keep backtracking and navigating through your website, just to find their existing shopping cart. It seems like your customers need access to their cart regardless of the page they are on.

This way, there’s a big chance of reducing cart abandonment and increase the conversion rate.

Cart Items


Lesson 3: Shorten the number of checkout pages

Despite using retargeting and looking forward to seeing its benefits, a big or unknown checkout process can be annoying for your clients. They need to know about where they are in the process. If they think it is taking too long, they are more likely to leave your website without finishing their purchase, thus increasing the cart abandonment rate.  To solve this you have two big options:

  • Show the steps of your checkout process


  • Try one click checkout

Process 2


Lesson 4: Offer free shipping

A very important reason customers leave your website, is the shipping. Sometimes the shipping is more expensive than the total of their order and that’s why your customers don’t finish the purchase. Free shipping – this marketing tool, as it should be considered – will certainly increase your conversion rate.

Free shipping


Lesson 5: Give as many payment options as possible

Make sure you offer more than one payment option so you make it easy for your customers to pay.  Don’t force them to open a new property line just because the payment form they prefer is not accepted by you.


Try to apply these 5 lessons to your online shop. Big online retailers have already used these to increase their conversion rate.

Learn from them, improve you customers’ experience and increase your revenue.

Feel free to add the 6th lessons that already increased your sales! Use a retargeting software to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rate.


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