The moment has finally come! The proud result of tens of bright minds, two and a half years of hard work and dedication, and an investment of over 3 million euros, the new Retargeting Biz platform is live and kicking!

To celebrate this milestone, it’s time the most performant marketing platform in the e-commerce sector stole the limelight. Besides going into facts, features, and figures, let’s give the floor to a couple of the masterminds behind Retargeting Biz to discover the platform through their eyes!

Ain’t no mountain high enough

When a company already operating across 4 European markets (Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria) makes an investment of over 3 million euros in state-of-the-art technologies, creating an automated, all-in-one marketing platform becomes a matter of time.

“Since we are talking about a complex platform, the whole development process took two and a half years, during which several teams, both internal and external, worked towards building it. It was our Romanian team who developed it, but they also received the support of our international colleagues. They were of great help in terms of feedback and testing the platform features. On average, 15 developers worked simultaneously on the project, without mentioning all those in charge of business intelligence, testing, design, UX / UI, project management and content”, claims Rareș Bănescu, CEO and Founder.

But in the end, all the waiting has been worthwhile.

An e-commerce dream come true

Dedicated to both local and global online stores, as well as their customers, the new Retargeting Biz platform revolutionizes the e-commerce sector, positioning e-shops at a top level and offering unique experiences to their customers.

“The new product is already available and the feedback we received from some of our existing customers that had been migrated to the new technology is just WOW! Easy-to-use, automated, and AI-powered, the new platform encompasses resourceful graphic designs, auto-generated content, and two brand new marketing channels. To put it into simple terms, it is an amazing experience for both e-commerce retailers and their customers. In addition to enhancing existing services, it features two brand new ones: personalized recommendations and dynamic newsletters of great complexity and high efficiency in increasing Conversion Rate and Average Order Rate while improving user experience”, adds Alina Mitrică, CCO. 

Regardless of their size and field of activity, online stores now have a brand new, automated, easy-to-use, and highly effective marketing platform, which brings together all relevant marketing channels (from automated Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to push notifications, pop-ups, SMS, dynamic newsletters, and recommendations with personalized content). Furthermore, the platform can also be accessed from the mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.

What’s in it for e-tailers?

With Retargeting Biz, online shops get 100% automated ads, up to 15% better Conversion Rate, up to 20% better Average Order Value (AOV) and time spent on the website, and up to 100% higher sales.

The key benefits for the online stores that implement the Retargeting Bis solution? 

  • Campaign automation and personalization
  • Quick, easy, and centralized marketing channel management
  • Resource optimization – human resources are enhanced because of the lesser time spent on setting up and managing marketing campaigns; less graphic design and content are needed; financial resources are brought to full potential since ads are automated and the use of personalized content improves Conversion Rate, Retention Rate, and the Average Order Value, as it gives website visitors and subscribers a more relevant and pleasing user experience. 

As easy as… RTG

If online stores do not have sufficient time and human resources, or if they do not seek to collaborate with marketing agencies, there’s a handy alternative available. They can opt for the Premium Account Management service provided by Retargeting Biz. This way, they will get instant access to a whole team of specialists that will handle all their marketing strategy, implementation, and monitoring. 

Additionally, the Retargeting Biz plug-in is already available for most e-commerce platforms. As a result, online stores can hit the ground running in just a few clicks. For custom websites or platforms, the Retargeting Biz technical and customer support teams provide integration assistance.  

Once an online store integrates the Retargeting Biz solution, the results start to show up virtually immediately for almost all campaigns. For those incorporating machine learning a longer period of data gathering is needed. Yet, the system will continuously optimize itself throughout this period until the best results are delivered. 

What’s next?

In 2020, the company’s turnover approached 10 million lei, a 58% increase compared to 2019. This growth was partially influenced by the global e-commerce expansion, but also due to the growing brand awareness and the excellent performances reported by clients. But what does the future hold?

Looking ahead, Retargeting Biz aims to increase the number of local and international online stores that use its platform. Although consolidating its position on the Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, and Bulgarian markets remain a priority, expanding across other European countries is also on the radar. 

“Our main objective is to provide online stores access to the most advanced technologies in order to ease their work and help them grow organically and progressively. Our best publicity comes from our clients’ recommendations and we are convinced that the result will not cease to appear. First and foremost, we strive to consolidate our position across all four markets we are present in, both in terms of a physical office and local teams. In addition, we seek to expand across new foreign markets” concludes Rareș. 

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