How to Automate Your Black Friday Campaign With Retargeting

There are less than two months until Black Friday, so online entrepreneurs are gearing up with their best offers to welcome the waves of customers. I am sure you are also preparing your own strategy because you want your sales to skyrocket. 

But if you want to maximize your chances to run a very successful Black Friday campaign, you need to start automating your digital marketing processes. That means less work for you and more money. In this post, we will show you how you can launch your Black Friday campaign with just a few clicks with the Retargeting platform. 

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an eCommerce marketing automation software that uses personalized triggered messages to increase sales for online shops.

The soft analyze user activity on your website and then it uses personalized Black Friday pop-ups to make an offer. Sounds cool, huh?

Additionally, the tool offers a vast array of automated and fully personalized services from Google, Facebook & Instagram ads to personalized emails, pop-ups, and onsite product recommendations, with significantly increased performance at a lower cost. 

Online Shops Problems

  • Low conversion rates, below 1%
  • Bounce rate higher than 45%
  • Over 70% cart abandonment rate
  • Low retention rate
  • No user activity tracking 

Benefits of using Retargeting

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Recovered abandoned carts
  • Develop a database of subscribers
  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Live chat support

What You Can Do with Retargeting

Apart from sending personalized messages, Dynamic Ads are used to drive more traffic to the online store and remarket the existing traffic by engaging the target audience with Black Friday incentives.

Dynamic Ads

With this feature, Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads are running 24/7 to meet the customers’ requirements and make more sales. The best part? 

You don’t need any marketing knowledge!

Since Retargeting is a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, there are some extra advantages for its users:

  • Early access to new features via API
  • Certified Facebook and Google experts
  • Keep up with PPC best practices
  • Innovative technologies to drive greater results

Advantages of Dynamic Ads

  • No technical integration needed
  • Product catalog automatically created & updated up to 12x day
  • Animated Ads
  • Automatic picture resizing in order to optimize the approval process
  • Bounce excluded automatically
  • Higher relevancy score
  • Real-time Bidding & Optimization
  • Automatically created and updated keywords
  • Automatically marked negative keywords
  • Automatically optimized for the best time of day, location, device, sex, age
  • Algorithms for audience’s optimization
  • Up to 50% lower CPA

About 98% of online store visitors bounce without placing an order. Out of these, 70% will not return.

With the unrivalled advantages provided by Google Display and Search Ads scene, your users will receive personalized offers and discounts for their favorite products.

Display Ads 

  • Cart Abandonment Retargeting
  • Visitors Retargeting
  • Similar Audiences
  • Trending Now

Search Ads 

  • Remarketing on DSA
  • DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)

You don’t need more ads or discounts to compel consumers to buy on Black Friday. You need better ones. With Google & Facebook Dynamic Ads you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time to achieve higher conversions and a better click-through-rate. 

  • Emails

The types of messages are activated by a series of predefined scenarios: abandoned carts, inactivity, bounce, etc. The content is automatically personalized to incentivize customers to return to the abandoned carts and purchase their favorite products.

  • Pop-ups

Pop-ups are real-time messages automatically activated by a series of scenarios. Each is based on a proprietary algorithm already integrated into the platform.

Currently, there are 3 behavioral pop-ups available on cart abandonment, the product of interest and newsletter subscription.

  • SMS

98% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them. Retargeting helps you leverage this to maximize the Black Friday benefits for customers.

The SMS functionality is integrated with the email workflow acting as a reminder for key messages and promotions that were communicated before. Also, you can launch an SMS campaign to inform your customers about promotions, offers, discounts, etc.

  • Push Notifications

With a high click-through-rate, push notifications are considered as one of the most engaging communication tools that have a high conversion rate and significantly increase the sales of online stores. Also, you can remind customers about their abandoned carts and compel inactive users to return to the Black Friday product catalog.


  • A single unified platform for all your marketing efforts
  • Use machine learning and proprietary scripts
  • Reduce repetitive tasks with the help of automation
  • Segment users according to behavior and placement in the sales funnel
  • Deliver personalized recommendations to every user
  • Better targeted ads campaigns, lower CPA

In this article, you learned how  can help you prepare and launch an automated Black Friday campaign. 

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