Forget Competition, think about Customers

Forget Competition, think about Customers

Don’t let the competitors define your growth strategy. Instead, focus on what matters the most ─ customers.

Let’s be honest! We all care about what others think and in business that often means measuring the competition.

Me, myself and MY problems!

While it’s important to keep an eye on competitors, it’s unwise to base your strategy on what they do, because you will always be a step behind. How can you be innovative if you always wait for them to make a move?

Also, you are too focused on today. The present is important, but thinking about the future is essential for business growth, and that means freeing yourself from comparison.

Rather than worrying about your competitors, focus on what matters most: Your customers. After all, without them, your business would cease to exist.

That is not to say you should ignore the competition. But the difference is that you should keep an eye on your competitors to get information, not instructions. (Read more…)