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The Power of Recommendation Widgets

Choosing the perfect product might seem impossible for your customers, especially when they are surrounded by billions of offers. Luckily, Retargeting Biz has just launched its 8 brilliant recommendation widgets, ready to help your e-store thrive.

Best Practices for Sports and Leisure E-Shops

Discover what tactics can turn your e-shop into a winning e-commerce player. Here are the best practices for sports and leisure e-shops!

Understand your customers’ particular interests and use this information to communicate with them meaningfully. Keep them browsing your online shop with dynamic pop-ups. Opt for automated emails and build a strong social media presence. If you keep their needs in mind, they will reward you too.

The Challenges of International E-commerce and How to Overcome Them Through Strategic Partners

Do you want your e-shop to be a global success? Overcome the challenges of International E-commerce in no time with Retargeting.biz.

Before deciding upon a marketing strategy, consult with our Account Managers to become aware of local cultural particularities and overcome language barriers. Gain access to our network of trusted partners in each country to enhance your Customer Support. Forget about rents and payroll expenses. Through our platform you can operate your business remotely and efficiently.

10 SEO Best Practices to Follow in 2021

Best things in life are free, including website traffic. These SEO best practices for 2021 will make your reach grow organically. So put yourself out there! Understand search intent to target the right audience and use catchy titles. Don’t neglect meta descriptions: they trigger curiosity. Attract backlinks to gain Google’s trust and do your best to earn a feature snippet. Don’t forget to be original, even when it comes to keywords.

How to Sell Children’s Products and Toys Online

E-commerce needs to come out and play. Follow your inner child and learn how to sell children’s products and toys online! The best toys and children’s items open up our imaginations. They teach us about ourselves, as well as the world around us. Keep your children’s articles and toys online shop practical and smart (without spoiling the fun) and show your competitors not to play around with you.

Be Delicious! 8 appetizing Marketing Strategies for Food E-commerce

Use delicious visuals to trigger their appetite and detailed labels to keep them healthy. Emphasize google search campaigns and make social media your cherry on top marketing strategy. Remember to engage with your foodies on a constant basis and create a subscription service to make their life easier. Piece of cake!

For you, Retargeting.biz is against bad bots

We have decided to work on an extra feature and not take into consideration bot traffic of any kind when counting monthly sessions. As a result, our loyal customers will no longer have to bear the additional costs for non-human traffic to their websites.

Best 6 Tactics to Turn your Home and Garden Online Store into a Money Making Machine

They want a blooming garden, you want a blooming business. Check out these home & deco marketing ideas and get ready to see your sales go through the roof! If shoppers can’t touch the fabric, make them feel it. Create unique experiences and leverage personalisation to turn subscribers into customers. Make social media your partner in crime. If visitors are reluctant, make them buy. It is all about finding their soft spots.

How to Boost Your Online Shop Sales During Easter – 7 Eggcellent Marketing Tips and Tricks

The Easter Bunny is just a click away. It’s time to think of creative marketing strategies to boost your sales. Our advice? Be unique! Customise your web design and turn Easter traditions into smart online marketing campaigns. Leverage social media and never forget to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Always be one step ahead of your competitors and learn from your mistakes.

Tracking Pixels: What They Are & Why You Need Them

What is a Tracking Pixel?   We’ve all heard of pixels before. It takes many of them to form the text, images, or videos that we see on our screens. But these innocent colorful dots have no interest in your online activity whatsoever. Enter – the tracking pixel. Tracking pixels are snippets of code containing an external link to a dedicated server, which can be embedded in a webpage, email, or banner ad to collect information. They are generally tiny (creating a 1×1 pixel graphic), transparent, and hidden so they can discreetly monitor each of your online actions. They gather data on user behavior, cultural and geographic context, web traffic, and site conversions, providing key details for marketers. How does it work?   When someone visits your website or opens your email, the HTML code is processed by their browser, following the link and opening the hidden graphic. This action is then identified and recorded in the server’s log files, allowing for different information to be transmitted. Some of the data points gathered by tracking pixels include:   Visited webpages   Time of visit   In-session activities   Operating system used   Device type   Screen resolution   IP address If you think that sounds like a cookie, you’re almost right. Tracking pixels and cookies are in fact quite similar; that’s why they are often used in conjunction with one another. Both cookies and tracking pixels are used to monitor users’ online activity and provide personalized content (ads, recommended products, etc.). However, unlike pixels, cookies are browser specific, most often used for storing user credentials, which simplifies the login...

From almost Failure to Success

“Show me the money!” is the nervous cry of the old guard executives while they desperately struggle to deal with commoditizing markets, the loss of their differentiator, and the inevitable loss of profitability. At the same time, the new “breed” of customer-focused executives smile, knowing the answer is simple: focus on the customer; not the organization. Doubling down on providing customers with an emotionally engaging experience and the rest will come naturally. The Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground for companies, as more than 50% of an experience is emotions. Why do many companies ignore the emotions they evoke in their customers? Because in the past it worked, as the consumers had no choice, and the feeling has been transmitted from generation to generation.  Ok, so I need to provide a great customer experience…but how do I know if I’m doing it right? “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” And the most efficient way in measuring the Customer Experience level, is for sure NPS (Net promoter Score), a metric that was first mentioned in Harvard Business Review in 2003 in the United States of America as “The one number you need to grow” and that very soon developed into a whole system used with success worldwide. The very strong points of NPS are that it is very simple and intuitive, it doesn’t waste anyone’s time and it brings to the foreground the main issues that a company may have, unbiased and straight to the core. The customers who interact with the different departments of the company are asked two questions: 1. On a scale from...

Retargeting Makes Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company List

Since 2014, we’ve raised $500k to grow faster and build out our 35 person team to better serve you. Today over 850 of you use our tools and many of you have upgraded to our new product offerings giving us a very low customer churn rate. Thank you! As we’ve grown, our CEO Rares Banescu has spent time sharing our growth story with podcast host Nathan Latka. The show has passed 13m downloads and our profile has been viewed over 30,000 times. You can listen to the last podcast here: https://getlatka.com/companies/retargeting. In addition to the podcast, each year Latka publishes the Latka 250 – a list of the fastest-growing SaaS companies. This year, 5,091 companies applied and just 5% made the list. We’re thrilled to share that we grew 63.4 % between Dec 2019 and Dec 2020 and look forward to growing another 100%+ this year with new product offerings.  How The Rankings Work Nathan Latka sold his SaaS company in 2015 before launching his SaaS CEO Podcast and database at GetLatka.com. Each year he gets revenue growth figures from SaaS CEOs and confirms the revenue via email with the CEO. The rankings take December 2019 monthly recurring revenue annualized (multiply by 12) and compare to revenue 1 month ago (December 2020).  The companies are then split into three buckets since it’s easier to grow a $1m company 300% compared to a $10m company. The three categories are $1m-$10m, $10m-$20m, and $20m-100m.  In total, the top 250 companies do $8.5 billion in revenue, service 2.2 million customers, and have raised a total of $12 billion dollars.  You can see...

Google will Block Third-Party Cookies by 2022

Google is about to make a new move, similar to Firefox and Safari, and block third-party cookies on Chrome. While the other two web giants have already taken these measures, Google will take a slightly different and gradual approach which will be finalised by 2022. The announcement was made on the 14th of January.  What are third-party cookies? Third party cookies consist of a few lines of code used by digital marketing specialists to track user activity and target certain audiences based on user-tracking analysis.  Why Google wants to block third-party cookies on Chrome One of Google’s main objectives is to provide a secure online environment and protect user privacy. This initiative comes as a response to an increase in third-cookie blocking by users.  Still, why are these cookies considered invasive by users so much that they would block them? For example, if you browse some pieces of furniture in an online store and then you start seeing ads on websites that have nothing to do with your previous browsing, that happens thanks to third-party cookies. And while many of us are not very fond of the high number of ads, these are extremely effective. But because through these third-party cookies user preferences are not taken into consideration 100%, Safari and Firefox are no longer supporting this type of tracking.  How will Google block third-party cookies? As an alternative to this challenge, Google plans to introduce a new initiative called ‘Privacy Sandbox.’ Through this initiative, Google intends to provide an ideal online environment both for users and advertisers.  This means Google wants to sustain a web that supports ads...

6 Great Advantages of Google Shopping Ads with Retargeting

Just like Google gets algorithm updates continuously, Google Ads are getting better as well. So you might be wondering whether it’s time to complement your text ads with Google Shopping Ads and if there are benefits in doing that. This post will outline 6 advantages of Google Shopping Ads and how they will make your products more visible. So let’s dive in.  1) Increased Visibility (On Mobile Too) Probably the best part about Google Shopping Ads is that you don’t have to be popular. Even if you don’t have a brand that people are familiar with, your products can still gain more visibility than ever.  That is because your products are displayed based on the customers’ keywords and they will be the first thing the customers will see.  Speaking of visibility… since a big chunk of searches are performed through mobile devices, Google Shopping Ads by Retargeting will take up roughly 50% of the display space, which means that your products will have great visibility. 2) Enhanced Click-Through-Rate Another great advantage of Google Shopping Ads is that they are more powerful than AdWords text ads and that’s thanks to the visuals. Therefore, more online entrepreneurs are investing more in Google Shopping Ads because these ads lead to a 26% increase in conversion rates. Image-featured ads are preferred both by customers who already know what they are looking for, but also by those who are not sure yet what they want to buy and they need a product thumbnail to make up their mind.  3) Lower Cost-Per-Click Since Google Shopping CPC (cost per click) and PPC (pay per click) are...

5 Strategies to Run a Successful Black Friday Campaign in 2019

Black Friday is knocking on your door and your online store needs to be ready to welcome the overwhelming crowd of customers hunting for discounts.  So how do you prepare? And when do you know if you’re ready?  This post will emphasise 5 Black Friday marketing tips to boost your traffic and increase your sales.  So let’s dive in.  What exactly is Black Friday? Black Friday comes right after the American Thanksgiving and it’s not just a day, but more like the start of a long-awaited holiday season. That’s why entrepreneurs prepare in advance by providing record discounts to their most popular products. Black Friday ends with Cyber Monday which is essentially the same type of event designed for online shopping only. Now that you have a rough idea of what’s Black Friday and its origin, it’s time to outline the first crucial step you need to take to make sure you start your Black Friday campaign with the right foot.  Evaluate Last Year’s Results Since you’re the one who knows best how well your eCommerce business performed in 2018, there’s a list of questions you need to ask yourself to see what direction to take for your Black Friday campaign.  What were your best performing ads? Try to see what messages performed better and why others didn’t. Maybe what made the difference were the benefits they provided, the writing style, or the type of audience.  What was your bidding strategy? Was the investment worth the effort? If not then you should assess your campaign for 2018 again and calculate how you can invest without risking too much and...